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Official Game Status Announcement from PMG

January 10, 2019

The following announcement has been provided by CBS to be distributed to the Star Trek: Adversaries community on January 10th, 2018. Puppet Master Games will not be adding to this official statement at this time. “Star Trek: Adversaries will be shutting down the game servers on January 31st. You can continue to play the game,…

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Continued Delay Speculation

November 12, 2018

Want to preface this with the thought that nothing is expected of a game development company. No updates at all are owed to the player community. PMG (usually via DarkHeraldMage as the defacto community liaison) has been very involved with the players compared to other games. Theory #1 – Licensing PMG has previously said that there were…

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Election Day Update

November 6, 2018

Various things have been going on… Romulans The end of October came and went.  The update from PMG is that there is no update currently.  We know that the development team is hard at work and when an update can be shared with the community it will be. Can also pass along that there is…

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Quark’s Guide to the Borg

October 22, 2018

While we’re all waiting for the Romulan Invasion to hit, a lot of players are spending some time grinding out some extra packs in Quark’s Arena.  Some of the Borg enemies are very difficult so how do we build a deck that can consistently get us that free pack?  Here we’ll take a look at…

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Romulan Kirk Contest

October 16, 2018

Take your crack at guessing what you think the new Romulan Kirk will do as part of the Romulan Invasion and you could win 1600 Latinum!*  Enough to buy your very own Romulan Kirk, no matter the rarity. The winner will be decided by the following criteria: Rarity – 1 point Faction – 1 point…

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Kirk vs. Romulan Kirk

October 11, 2018

  Battle of the Kirks Both are Kirk Which is the better card? Obviously James T. Kirk is better than Romulan Kirk.  He wins on nearly every front, stats, efficiency, playability, wooing of aliens, etc. All of this is based on that he exists as a card in the game currently and Romulan Kirk does…

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Romulans – What we know so far…

October 4, 2018

Romulan Invasion is coming “soon”.  We don’t know exactly when of course and we don’t have all of the details. Here is what we do know: Official expansion trailer was released at Star Trek Las Vegas First official spoilers were back on 8/7/18 Second art preview was on 8/11/18 Expansion pushed back…

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Warp Rankings – 10/8/18

October 8, 2018

Here are the results from latest of Warp Rankings. As expected nothing seems to be changing as everyone eagerly waits for the Romulan Invasion.  Results for the most recent Warp Ranking poll are below, however we are going to postpone collecting new results until the expansion drops which will hopefully shake things up quite a…

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Warp Rankings – 9/29/18

September 29, 2018

Here are the results from week 6 of Warp Rankings. These may or may not be the most popular Flagships in the game as a whole, but they are the ones rated highest by those who voted in our most recent poll. Warp 5 – NX Class (+0) Should we increase the top spot to…

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Sick Bay #5 – Galaxy Class from Tpoletta’s

September 11, 2018

Our next patient has made their way to the Sick Bay on the backs of the Galaxy Class flagship.  Thanks to Tpoletta for allowing our medical team to examine this deck and offer some suggestions. The Galaxy Class is an interesting flagship in the current meta.  There are a couple of different ways to play…

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Sick Bay #4 – Connie Refit from CaptnBellamy

August 22, 2018

The next patient in the Sick Bay was submitted by CaptnBellamy and his Constitution Class Refit deck.  This is a very popular deck, as can be seen in our weekly Warp Level rankings, as voted on by the community, here.  The main questions is, how do you build it to be able to compete with…

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