Best First Legendary: Quark

Starting out any new game, players are faced with choices…

  • What faction should I play?
  • What flagship should I use?
  • Do I have a specific play style?
  • What cards should I replicate?

It’s this last question regarding replication that gets asked often in Discord.  Most of the time it is associated with the first Legendary replication pattern every player starts with.

So which Legendary card is the best first one?  The answer is Quark.

Quark is every legendary in the game all at once.  Legendary cards are powerful, and he can turn himself into two of them.  Used in conjunction with the retreat mechanic, Quark can be used over and over again in a game to increase the total Legendary card advantage.  If they are so powerful, then the more of them you can draw the bigger an advantage it would be.  The downside is that they could be any two legendary cards and not necessarily useful ones at the time.


There are currently 89 Legendary cards prior to the first expansion.  This means there is a 1 in 89 chance to pull a specific card from Quark or about 1.12% chance.  Quark draws 2 cards so this increases the chances to get a specific legend to 2 in 89 or approximately 2.25%.

Needing then a specific Legend to seal a victory is the 2.25% chance.

There are also some fun games (other than Dabo) that you can play with Quark…

  • What are the chances to pull the same Legendary for both cards if you don’t care which one is pulled?
    • Little bit of a trick question.  The first card is a 1 in 89, but doesn’t matter which one is pulled.  It’s then just another 1 in 89 chance to match the first one.
  • What are the chances to pull the same specific Legendary card?
    • Bit more straight forward, but also much harder to do.  In this case it is 1 in 89 for the first and then again for the second needing to match.  This means it is 1 in 7921 to pull two of the same specific named Legendary.
  • What are the chances to pull Sela as one of the two Legendary cards?
    • Currently 0% as she is half Romulan so wait for the expansion to see if she is even legendary.


Not sure which Rule of Acquisition it would be, but if you are not sure what to acquire, get something that gives you a chance to try a bit of everything.

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  1. Nebulon Zebulon on August 21, 2018 at 3:49 am

    This article doesn’t really prove its statement; Quark is rather slow, so the average legendaries he grants need to be very impactful to make up for the 5 energy tempo loss.
    For Quark to be good, legendaries need to be so good that you just want MORE of them, and thus are willing to pay that 5 energy and effectively a randomization of one of your legendaries just to get an extra random one.

    I’m not entirely convinced that’s worth it, and all this about experimenting with legendaries doesn’t really matter; you can do that in arena mode without having to waste the crafting.

    Also, the idea that you’ll repeatedly draw and use him and still get value from your random legendaries is kind of wishful thinking. It takes a lot of turns and the game will likely end before the second time you draw him, let alone the third.

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