Bones vs. Crusher – Battle of the Doctors

Battle of the Doctors

  • Both were Chief Medical Officers of the USS Enterprise
  • Both help your ships survive longer

Which is the better card?

Both crew cards add 0 to attack or 3 to the health of their ship, but Dr. Crusher does so at a much cheaper cost, 2 energy to 4.  Dr. Crusher also adds the same +3 health to both adjacent ships, which McCoy does not.  Right off the bat, Dr. Crusher adds a total of +9 stats compared to +3 for McCoy, at half the cost.

Dr. Crusher also gives those adjacent ships the Guardian keyword, to further protect you and your valuable cargo.  On the other hand, McCoy can continually heal your ships for 4 health every turn, so wile he does not give the extra stats up front, he can make up for it as the game goes on, assuming he doesn’t die, Jim.

If you can buff the health values of your ships, to raise the ceiling for McCoy, he can easily outweigh the initial stats that Dr. Crusher provides.  This takes much more set up than Dr. Crusher though, who only needs ships on the board to gain her benefit.  In most cases, Dr. Crusher will be more playable just because of her reduced cost and ability to immediately buff 3 ships at once.


  • Single card stats = Draw
  • Bonus total = Dependent on deck. Edge Crusher for most decks
  • Playability = Edge Crusher, 2 energy vs 4 for McCoy
  • Intangibles = Bones does not pull off the red head look as well. “Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor not a red head!”

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