Data vs. Lore – Battle of the Androids

Battle of the Androids

  • Both were built by Noonian Soong.
  • Both have had interesting dealings with the Borg.
  • Both could use a tan.

Which is the better card?

Playability for these cards is strikingly different for the android brothers.

Lore is not aligned and can be used in any deck while Data is Federation only.  Granted, Noonian Soong is unaligned and would allow Data to show up on the Klingon side relatively easily since Soong’s ability allows both androids to be drawn for 6 energy.

On the stat side, Data wins easily being 5 total points instead of 2 and for 3 energy cost less.  It is hard to calculate the added benefit of energy cost and stats gains for Lore that could be gained from stealing a ship.  If Lore’s ability is used to take control of a Borg Tactical Cube, then that is a free 8 energy and 14 stat points.

Data’s ability is very useful.  Guardians can be eliminated in multiples, nasty core breach effects can be negated, and any other nagging ship capabilities can be washed away.  Data might be one of the best all purpose Federation crew members as almost certainly there would be an instance during a game where he would become useful.  Lore on the other hand requires your opponent to be playing some very large ships.

Lore is smiling and Data is not.  Portraits must be from before Data was able to gain control of the emotion chip.


Data wins this one easily.

  • Deck Building Versatility = Edge Lore.
  • Stats = Edge Data.
  • Ability = Major Advantage Data.
  • Intangibles = Edge Lore.  He is more likely to be a better comedian.


  1. neptuneandmars on August 17, 2018 at 11:13 pm

    Since we know that Data is in fact a rather terrible comedian, I think Lore is definitely the funnier brother!

  2. Nebulon Zebulon on August 21, 2018 at 3:12 am

    This is even a competition? Data is okay in any meta and great in quite a few. Lore even in a meta of super big ships is inferior to Lore’s Type 7 because he’s really expensive and useless without a target.

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