Kirk vs. Picard – Battle of the Captains

Battle of the Captains

  • Both were Captains of the USS Enterprise
  • Both can give bonuses to multiple ships

Which is the better card?

Just based on single card stats, Kirk has a built in Grebnedlog.  He costs an additional energy point but is 3/2 instead of Picard’s 1/1. This added boost (or energy cost savings depending how you view it) is in line with other cards and not an advantage either way.

Kirk’s bonus of +3 Attack could help a maximum of two additional ships adjacent to his own.  Played in the commander space on his own, it adds a total of +9 attack across 3 ships.  Picard helps the maximum four ships with +1/+2, including the one he’s on.  Picard’s bonus that is a potential +13 total points including the point from his card stats getting added either Attack or Defense to the ship he is on.

Kirk is certainly geared to be offense. Picard is a more defensive card. Kudos to the developers for working each captain’s personality into their card capabilities.


  • Single card stats = Draw.
  • Bonus Total = Edge Picard.
  • Playability = Draw; Depends highly on configuration of the deck.
  • Intangibles = Edge Kirk.  He is more likely to kiss the alien.

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