Legendary Card Rankings – Neutral Crew

Arik Soong

Arik’s ability is OK, but there are other crew cards that do this much better, especially for the Federation side.  If you are playing Fed, why not play Sarek?  In general, why not play Kes and get 2 cards at once, for only 1 more energy.  Most of the time you will only draw 1 card from him, which is just not worth the 3 energy compared to other cards.


Ugh.  Why does she cost 4 energy?  I like to gain life as much as the next person, but this card is flat out bad.  If she cost even 2 energy, would could talk about her merit as an anti aggro card, but at 4 energy, please don’t replicate her.  Sorry Whoopi.


Odo’s ability is pretty solid, but at a cost of 6 energy, and adding 0 stats to your ship, he’s not economical.  If your plan is to get your opponent down to 6 health before they play a board full of guardians and your only hope is to drop Odo and kamikaze your ships, then more power to you.

Noonian Soong

Lore is not the most useful card, but Data is great.  Noonian Soong is the only way to get Data into your Klingon, and soon Romulan, decks, but it is a very costly and roundabout way of getting there.  Soong costs 6 energy himself, plus 4 for the data, which you may not even be able to play the turn you need him.  We can compare him to someone like Kes, who draws 2 cards, both at a reduced cost, for 2 less energy.  Noonian gives you 2 specific cards, so he is effectively a “tutor” card, but you are paying a big premium for that.  If you desperately need Data in your Klingon deck, then he is your only option.  You could just play Rom and neutralize the 1 important card that they play. If you are playing Federation just play Data.

Borg Queen

Kira costs 0 energy with the same deploy effect.  She doesn’t come back to your hand when she dies and her stats are less (Borg Queen is a 2/2 crew).  You are not putting the Borg Queen into your deck so you can attack for +2, and you are not going into a game planning on playing her more than once.  Maybe you will, but how many crew do you really need to steal?  She costs 7 energy, so how many turns can you give up the tempo to take some crew cards?  There are cheaper options on both sides that effectively do the same thing for 0 energy.

Khan Noonien Singh

At this point, Khan’s ability isn’t worth 7 energy, even if it can be game changing powerful.  Stealing an opponents ship is so strong though, he could easily jump a rank or two at some point.  The fact that you can only have 4 ships on board, and Khan takes 1 of them is a huge tempo swing, it’s just a little too late game of a card to matter right now.  The benefit that Khan has is that there will almost always be a target for him to take.


Just like Khan, Lore’s ability is incredibly strong if you can get it off.  The fact that he even exists makes me not want to play cards like the Enterprise E.  At the same time, he also costs 7 energy, and you could go the entire game without ever having an opportunity to play him.  He only adds +1 to attack or health, so if you have to play him as a 7 cost crew buff then you’re not in a good position. I like Khan much better because of the consistency of your opponent having a ship of attack 3 or less.


What a jerk!  But we all love him…except for his card.  10 energy is a lot.  Like all of it.  Q can give you amazing tempo for the remainder of the game, but if you draw him at a point where you don’t have 3 or more cards in your hand he is a dead card.  If you have less than 3 cards in hand then you are spending 10 energy to break even at best, except you spent a turn doing it.  If you can time him correctly though, he can make a huge difference.  It’s the inconsistency of drawing him when you want him that makes him only a 2 star card.


Locutus of Borg

Locutus also costs 10 energy, but he has a huge impact on the board.  He has no conditions for his ability to go through, though I don’t recommend you play him if your opponent has no ships on the board.  He can take out 2 Maqui Raiders or 2 legendary ships.  He doesn’t care.  He is a late game answer to anything your opponent plays.  If he didn’t cost 10 energy he would probably be 5 stars.  I am also glad he does cost 10 energy.

Thy’Lek Shran

Thy’Lek Shran doesn’t see a ton of play but he is a great value card.  For 4 energy you get 6 energy worth of ships.  You can then either retreat him to use again later, or take the +1 to a stat and carry on.  This card gets lost in the shuffle a bit since there are so many good legendary crew cards, but he is a great value card that I could see making the cut a little more here and there.  He’ll never be top tier, but he’s solid.

Harry Mudd

I think as time goes on people are realizing more and more how important Auxiliary power is, and Mudd gives you a boost while delaying your opponent.  That leads to great card advantage.  He can be awkward to play, since he doesn’t have any real effect on the board, which is the main thing that holds him back from being a great card.  In the right deck, where you can use your ship ability to generate some tempo to make up for the loss from playing him, he could really stand out.


Quark can range anywhere from just OK, to “I just won because of Quark”.  You could get double Guinan and then you lose 2 turns later than you would have before.  On average though, drawing 2 legendary cards is definitely worth the cost of 5 energy.  He is also great if you don’t have a lot of legendary cards in your collection, since he can give you access to anything.  You don’t get to choose of course, but he can go into any deck and generate value, so I think he is great for new players.



Kes is tempo and card advantage all rolled into one card.  She draws 2 cards, and lowers their cost by 3 energy each.  In the long run, the game is paying you 2 energy to draw 2 cards.  That is amazing.  She basically has zero effect on the board, but with that value, she doesn’t have to.  She is great in more mid-range and control decks, where you have time to dedicate to her.  If you can retreat her then that is even better.  She is a great card who will always have a chance to be played.


Neelix is another great card advantage generator.  I don’t like him quite as much as Kes, since he doesn’t effect your tempo at all, and there are some situations where he may not draw anything.  In a fast aggro deck, where you will typically empty your hand early, he is great to refill your hand with threats.


Elim Garak

Both of the 5 star cards have great abilities, but what pushes them to the top is the fact that they both cost 0 energy.  Garak is such an amazing tempo play and can swing a game in your favor by himself.  For 0 energy you essentially nullify your opponents entire previous turn and get a large threat or guardian off the board for a turn.  Forcing your opponent to skip their mid to late game turn is devastating.  He can fit into any deck style, fast or slow.  In a fast deck, hold him until you can bounce a ship back to deal lethal, though I would prefer the next card for that.  He also removes crew that return to your opponents hand, like Lursa or Burnham.  On top of that, he still can add +1 to either attack or health.


Rom is similar to Garak in that he costs 0 energy and has a similar effect.  He has the advantage of adding +2 to either attack or health, which is why I love him in an aggressive deck.  He can also nullify a guardian or a crew effect, also removing those pesky return to hand crew.  He doesn’t give the tempo advantage that Garak gives, but he fits much better into an aggressive deck with the extra ship bonus.  I think he is a very underutilized card, who I expect to see more play over time.

This is how I see the neutral cards so far.  They are generally not as good as the faction specific cards, but they shouldn’t be.    They are some great complimentary cards to any deck.  I would love to hear what you think about some of the neutral legendary cards in the comments below.  Thanks for reading!


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