No Legend Decks – Part 2

Here are a couple more no legend decks curtesy of Zhugebob.



The Negh’Var is probably the most aggressive Klingon flagship out there. This flagship wants to use heavy damage to rush down its adversary before they can finish them off.

This version is even more aggressive than the NX which is kind of saying something. On the plus side, that makes it easy to play. Just be sure to clear threats to your aggressive board like ships that heal or retreat ships that can ruin your day.

The usual Legendaries for aggro are good here. Val Jean, Augment Bird of Prey, IKS Chang, Kruge, Gowron.


Colonel Worf 1
Ferengi Shuttlecraft 2
Maquis Raider 2
Ardra 1
Bajoran Escort 2
Gorn 1
IKS Qu’Vat 1
Jach Class 2
Reyga 1
B’rel Bird of Prey 2
Hirogen Beta 1
Hirogen Heavy Warship 2
Kazon Fighter 1
Orak 1
IKS Rel’Ka 1
D7 Cruiser 2
Kazon Destroyer 1
Kazon Heavy Carrier 1
Vor’cha Battlecruiser 2
IKS Mo’Kai 1
Kazon Troop Carrier 2



The key to the Defiant is remembering that the mines are different from traditional aggro.

The Defiant summons core breaching mines in order to do its damage. The deck plays a bit more like control than traditional aggro. If you trade your mines into your enemy’s ships, eventually you’ll win by dealing huge amounts of damage to their flagship directly.

Healing effects will mitigate a weakness to aggro mirror and you can use the mines to take out wounded enemy ships.

Try to play ships so that they will end up between your mines for positioning. Many of the cards give buffs to adjacent cards and the mines are prime targets for buffing up into terrifying beasts, but you can’t play crew on them by themselves.

If you do want to add in some legendaries, consider Legendaries that increase the danger the mines can put out. Johnathan Archer and Kirk can make mines into serious threats by themselves. Odo can make a turn where you turn in all your ships deal a whopping additional 12 damage. Jean Luc Picard not only makes the mines deadlier in combat but gives them guardian which forces the enemy to attack into them. The Val Jean is great for clearing enemy guardians so your mines can attack weak enemy ships and the Augment Bird of Prey is great for giving you that last push of damage to finish a wounded opponent.


Bajoran Fighter 2
Ardra 1
Federation Defense Fighter 1
Gorn 1
Tasha Yar 1
Tellarite Patrol Ship 2
Travis Mayweather 1
Bareil Antos 1
Columbia NX-02 1
Hirogen Beta 1
Hirogen Heavy Warship 2
Kazon Fighter 2
Miranda Class Starship 2
Nausicaan Fighter 2
USS Merrimac NCC-61827 1
Gorn Starship 1
Tellarite Destroyer 2
USS Yorktown NCC-1717 1
Hirogen Hunting Ship 1
Kazon Destroyer 1
USS Glenn NCC-1030 1
D’Kyr Class 1
Kazon Troop Carrier 1


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