Sick Bay #3 – NX from Brutalkillas

Okay, firstly I’m going to pre-face this by saying that this deck is doing very different things with NX class than what I do, so I’m going to try and focus on doing what you want to do better and not just remodeling it to look like my deck. With that being said I think there is a lot to comment on and I’m excited to get cracking.

Original Patient

Kira Nerys 1
Galileo Shuttlecraft 2
NX Class Starship 2
Stolen Runabout 1
Type 15 Shuttlepod 2
Baxial 1
Columbia NX-02 1
Hirogen Heavy Warship 2
Kazon Fighter 2
Nausicaan Fighter 2
USS Merrimac NCC-61827 1
Danube Runabout 2
Excelsior Class Starship 2
USS Reliant NCC-1864 1
USS Yorktown NCC-1717 1
Augment Bird of Prey 1
D’Kyr Destroyer 1
USS Enterprise NCC-1701 1
USS Glenn NCC-1030 1
USS Odyssey NCC-71832 1
Borg Sphere 1
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E 1


Lets take a look at your crew first.. All 1 of them. Um, are you scared of crew? Or is the plan that Kira will steal all the crew you ever need? Maybe she will steal a quark who will land you arik soong and spock and you’ll get all the crew that way? Okay so jokes aside I’m presuming you are short on legendary crew members so I’ll recommend some at all rareties, see what you think.

Basic crew:

  • Grebnedlog- is in my damage heavy deck as long as you have space 1 energy 2 damage is a good ratio and you can mod a ship like the nx class to be a 3/3 which is nice but he probably doesn’t belong in your deck he is not as control oriented as what you’re doing.
  • Janice Rand- is a fantastic value card when playing with hasters, not only can you make your 2/1 from the special take out a 3 health ship but you can make it live to tell the tale.
  • Mendon- gives a haste ship +2/+1 for 1 mana thats reasonable value but you aren’t playing a haste heavy deck and I think he is maybe doing too little.
  • M113 Creature- I just love the damage output this guy gets, pop him on haster and 5 damage to the enemy flag

Common crew:

  • Reyga- Helps you win a trade by giving modulating shields, gets good value for his cost.
  • Christine Chapel- you have a lot of guardians but, personally, I don’t like buffing what can be Val Jeaned away but hey you could be getting some good value if you pop this on type 15 shuttlepods, USS Reliant and USS Glenn.

Here’s where I’d consider Dr Gillian Taylor and Ro Laren but I don’t think they fit in your deck just damage dealers and I like my damage.

Rare crew:

  • Ardra- I love Ardra… not appropriate here
  • Hoshi- Not great in this deck because you curve out well and in a pinch you can get this ability from the core cards
  • Gorn and Travis mayweather- 2 damage pings, very useful if you ask me it’s always good to have some weapons against a jammer or something on board that needs a little help to get rid of
  • Hirogen Beta- can kill off the ships you hit with the danube, a little pricey at 3 energy for a situational effect

Epic crew:

  • Sarek- can get some value with the big threats in your deck
  • Wesley crusher- a different application than the danubes, could be used as well as for maximum frustration

Legendary crew:

There are sooo many to choose from for you I’m going to suggest:

  • Riker – add a couple damage to something with shields on and do a lot to mess up the enemies board, a lot of effect for only 2 energy
  • Charles tucker- with reduce damage effects comes ships that get hit over and over again before dying and he adds lots of health, pop him on a non-guardian and his effect will last you a long time

Okay so if you are going to fit ANY of those crew in your deck you will need to make room and the golden question is where?

First off, I just can’t stand the sight of that Baxial. I mean what is it doing a 1/3 for 3 that only has an effect if it survives to your turn where it MAY do 1 damage to a ship.. I mean other three drops will make up the damage every time they attack or are attacked. I guess you want to hide this guy behind guardians but what if this is the only 3 drop you pull on turn 3 it’s just not good. A 3/2 with haste (which the NX can manufacture) kills it without dying in the process and that is scary, really scary. In the bin it goes.


Okay so you have a lot of guardians.. A LOT of guardians. I’m okay with this the way I figure it with everyone and their dog running Val Jean you either run 0 guardians or you do like this deck and run a quarter of a million guardians. The Type 15 Shuttlepods are nice speedbumps but with no crew to put on them all they will ever be is speedbumps and hey maybe you can bait out the Val Jean before you put down those super value 5 drop guardians you’re running. Do you need the Yorktown making another ship guardian? I feel like you have enough and it isn’t the best value haster out there maybe a slot for crew can be opened up without this ship.

Lots of two drops and not a single tellarite patrol ship, seems like an odd choice also the board is often contested at the start with the help of maquis raiders. I only pick NX class starships because of the possible burst and the fact I can’t have more than two tellarite patrol ships. To have them in a deck that really seems to care about the status of the board seems not ideal. Galileo shuttlecraft are designed to cycle for something else, you could speed things up by putting ships or crew you actually want to see in your deck, card draw when it counts is not a problem for the NX flagship.

I feel like this is where the deck struggles, there are a lot of haste decks being played so giving up the board at the start without a fight is not an option.


Okay so the conclusion is

Take out:

  • 2 galileo shuttlecraft
  • 2 nx class starship
  • 1 stolen runabout
  • 1 baxial
  • 1 USS Yorktown

Put in:

  • Ideally Riker and Charles Tucker
  • 2 Tellarite patrol ships
  • 2 stolen type 7 shuttlecraft or Maquis raiders but the type 7 will work well with the crew additions
  • Travis Mayweather or Reyga


Hopefully this helps and kicks your deck up a notch, would love to hear some feedback from people that are playing similiar decks, tell me what you think.

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