Tactical Helm: Mission 1

In this series we will explore and discuss some of the options that arise while in battle. Like best course of action, expected and unexpected plays and of course lethal exercises!

Today we will start with a lethal exercise!!

Difficulty is referring to how likely a player can make the play during their turn time limit. (2min)

Mission 1 (Battle Simulation)(Hard)


– Are you ready Lieutenant?
– Yes Sir!
– This will be your final test! If you pass we will assign you for active duty on the Neutral zone.
– I will do my best Sir!
– This test will be a battle simulation. You will be flying the Constitution Refit Class vs the Galaxy Class. So here are the details of your mission, you need to…

This happened to a game of mine some weeks ago and since I liked it I tried to recreate it as good as I could.  Tnx for the help Encrypt! 😉

It’s your Turn and you play the Refit Flagship, can you deliver lethal damage??

Hint 1: Think outside of the box.


Hint 2: All the red circles matter.
Now try again! 😉


(Hint 3)
Well there are many options but all seem too stuck to the fact that you die after the use of the Refit’s SP. Now that’s the best hint!!

I’m with Starfleet. We don’t lie
Now try again! 😉




Play Wesley on NX -> target Guard 3/3
Retreat NX
Play Merrimac
Play Tarah on miranda -> Target guard/mod
Retreat type 7
Play Gorn on Merrimac  -> Target guard mod
Use SP on 1/3 guard

Attack for 7!


Hope you liked it!
“A little suffering is good for the soul.” –  Captain Kirk

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  1. FlyBoyTopher on August 22, 2018 at 11:17 pm

    These are fun! I hope we get more!

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