Tactical Helm: Mission 2

In this series we will explore and discuss some of the options that arise while in battle. Like best course of action, expected and unexpected plays and of course lethal exercises!

Today we will continue with a course of action exercise!!
Difficulty is referring to how likely a player can make the play during their turn time limit. (2min)

Mission 2 (The Neutral Zone)(Easy/Medium)


Finally.. got assigned for active Duty. Patrolling the Neutral Zone with a single NX Class ship is no easy task though. Reinforcements are far away if needed and crew members eyes are stuck on the sensor panels. This silence is killing them.

Sound of a Bird of Prey *Decloaking* from behind, opens fire *Tchu Tchu*
Shields up! Red Alert!

After the initial surprise and damage you took, you fight back with passion getting the upper hand. Seems you have this battle under control but the enemy Captain deploys the IKS Batlh! There is no moment to rest and in any circumstance you should never underestimate your opponent!

It’s your Turn. What is the best course of action here? Can you maximize your damage potential?

Hint: Evasive maneuvers! while still firing on all cylinders!



-Play The NX Class Starship
-Play Tasha Yar on it, Commander slot -> targeting the IKS Batlh
*NX Class is now 3/4*
-Attack with all for 10 dmg
*Opponent is now at 11 HP*

Next turn your damage output would be high since IKS Batlh can’t suicide on one of your ships! And that’s why I call this idea Evasive Maneuvers! 😛

This play does not mean you will win 100% neither it means that any other play cannot win.
All the outcomes depend also on opponents hand/draw. But having your ships alive for longer does maximizes your damage potential in the longer run 😉

For example a nasty scenario on his next turn would be:
He SP:  Summoning  a “Troop Transport” 2/1
He attacks with IKS Batlh the Val Jean
*IKS Batlh 3/1 now*
Plays “Wing Leader” from core card “gain 2 energy”
Plays Kumari
Plays Garak on Kumari Targeting NX Class
Plays Antaak on Kumari -> restoring 4HP to Flagship
*Kumari 6/6 now*
Ends Turn and *B00M* goes the board
Life at 15
Game is on!

Hope you liked it!
“Leave bigotry in your quarters; there’s no room for it on the bridge”  – James T. Kirk

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