Tactical Helm: Mission 3

In this series we will explore and discuss some of the options that arise while in battle. Like best course of action, expected and unexpected plays and of course lethal exercises!

Today we will continue with a course of action exercise!!
Difficulty is referring to how likely a player can make the play during their turn time limit. (2min)

Mission 3 (Pursuing the Defector)(Easy/Medium)

The orders were clear. Hunt down Captain “Isaias  Barrick” and neutralize his ship.
Strong evidence lead to the fact that he is defecting to the Romulans with the plan of  delivering Crossfield Class technology to them. He runs the ship with minimum crew.

After a warp race you finally manage to intercept the ship near the Orion system. He returned no hails and opened fire immediately. A fierce battle began. Heavy damage reports on both sides.

Captain:  “Lieutenant! take command i am.. ” Not able to finish his sentence the Captain collapsed on the bridge floor.
Lieutenant: Doctor! Beam Captain to the sick bay immediately!
Doctor: Aye Sir!
Lieutenant: Now let’s finish this!  We don’t have much time, the Romulans can appear at any second!
Lieutenant: Attack the…

It’s your Turn and you play the NX Flagship, can you deliver lethal damage?
(You have 2 min until the Romulans arrive)

After you look at the board and figure out what the ships and cards on your hand are then you should start a timer. You have 2 minutes Lieutenant just like in a live game! 😉

Hint 1: The only hint you need in this one is:
That there is lethal on board! In a live game that is not obvious most of the time



-Attack the 2/2 guard/mod with the 1/1 mod
-Retreat The NX Class Starship (8 energy)
-play the 6/2 haste ABoP (3 energy)
-Play Gorn on it, Commander slot -> targeting the 2/2 guard/mod (1 energy)
*ABoP is now 7/2*
-Retreat the Val Jean (5 energy)
-Play the NX Class Refit 3/2 Haste -> Targeting the 2/4 guard (2 energy)
-Play Alynna on ABoP -> targeting the 1/1 mod (use 2 energy and gain back 1 energy)
-Play Maquis -> deal 1 dmg to enemy Flagship
-Attack with all ships for 13 dmg
Total 14dmg!

Hope you liked it!
“Insufficient facts always invite danger”  –  Mr. Spock

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