Take a Spin: Rewards for Writers

When we started Dabo Table, our mission was to have additional fun outside of a game we are already enjoying a great deal.  Mission accomplished.  It also turns out that we seem to have started a Star Trek Adversaries branded platform for strategy articles and other written content related to the game.

We’ve now worked out an agreement with PMG to be able to reward our writers as contributors to Dabo Table.

Starting today we’ll be tallying up monthly the various types of posts that are published and coordinating with DrGillianT (aka Holly) to get rewards distributed out to the contributors.

  • Step 1 – Work with Dabo Table to get a good idea or come up with a writing topic on your own.
  • Step 2 – Write.
  • Step 3 – Submit to Dabo Table.
  • Step 4 – Article will get edited, reviewed, and ultimately posted on Dabo Table if it makes the cut.
  • Step 5 – Submit the Federation Council application referencing the Dabo Table post.

With your help we can continue to create a fun and educational site where ideas can be shared with players of all skill levels.

And remember, don’t put all your rewards on one spin of the Dabo Table.

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