Vor’cha Battlecruiser vs. Danube Runabout

Battle of the Reducers

  • Both are ships with 2 hit points.
  • Both have powerful reduction effects on deploy.

Which is the better card?

Reducing hit points…

This is an extremely powerful effect.  It allows a ship no matter how large, or how much it has been buffed to be taken down by the smallest of Ferengi shuttles.  Giant Borg Cube; no problem, just Vor’cha and smack it with something.  Galaxy Class been buffed a few times by Michael Burnham; no problem, just Vor’cha and smack it with something.

The Vor’cha combos well with basically any other ship that can attack and do a point of damage.  At least to date there are no ships that naturally have zero attack power so it is safe to say that Vor’cha combos with ships.  Vor’cha also combos extremely well with crew cards that do a point such as Tarah or B’Etor.

Reducing attack power…

This is also an extremely powerful effect.  No matter how powerful something is and how much damage it is about to beat on your flagship with, this shrinks it down to the size of the smallest of Ferengi shuttles.  Raptor Class flagship just used an ULT to buff something +4 attack; no problem, just Danube and you can nearly ignore it.  Kor is sitting on the bridge of a Salvaged Negh’Var Cruiser; no problem, just Danube and relax.

The Danube combos well with the guardian ability.  Taking down your opponent’s massive attack ship and then being able to fend it off for multiple turns with even a small guardian can buy enough time to mount a comeback.


These two ships play into the strengths of their factions.  Klingons are more offense oriented so a reduction to hit points allows something to be blown out of the stars.  The Federation is more defensive and reducing attack power is one of the easiest ways to stay around longer and keep your ships on the board.

The two cards are not direct mirrors of course.  Vor’cha cost 1 more energy but has the added advance of +1 attack and a cloaking device.


  • Offense = Edge Vor’cha
  • Defense = Edge Danube
  • Playability in a future Romulan deck = Draw (unless a major rule change is coming)
  • Pronunciation = Edge Danube

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