Warp Level Rankings – 08/22/18

Welcome to our first Warp Level Rankings as voted on by the Star Trek Adversaries community.

These may or may not be the most popular Flagships in the game as a whole, but they are the ones rated highest by those who voted in our most recent poll.

Warp 5 – NX Class

The NX Class flagship was the clear winner this week among voters.  It offers great speed with the Federation haste ships, along with the basic and ultimate abilities which both put a haste ship into play.  The deck can succeed at any rank, and even without a full load of legendary cards.

Warp 4 – Negh’Var Battlecruiser

The Negh’Var is a little more one-dimensional than the NX, but it is so fast and so explosive that it is no wonder it ranks close behind.  The Klingons have many great aggressive cards that fit so well in here.  It doesn’t have the legendary pool that the Federation has to choose from, but it’s a great deck for players of all levels.

Warp 3 – Constitution Class Refit

The “Connie Refit” is very different than the first two deck we saw.  It is much more of a control deck with an ability that can deal 3 damage to an enemy ship.  Pair that with guardians and life gain, and you can create a very formidable defense that is difficult for any deck to deal with.  This is a little harder to play than the first two decks, since the games take longer and there are typically more decisions to make, but it is a fun deck with a lot of potential.

Warp 2 – Miranda Class

The Miranda Class drops off in popularity from the first 3, but it has been gaining a lot of steam recently, especially in the higher ranks.  The games can take a long time, so it may not be the best deck for climbing the ladder quickly, but it is great for grinding out some points late in the week.  It is a more difficult deck to play, and is more dependent on the legendaries than the NX and Negh’Var, so I wouldn’t typically recommend this for new players, right away.  It’s a great deck that is very hard to beat once it gets going.

Warp 1 – Defiant Class

The final ship at the top of the rankings is the Defiant.  This deck can really catch you off-guard.  Your opponent can spend most of the game dealing with mines, and before they know it they are under 10 life.   The Defiant is not as popular as it was about a month ago, but it is still a great deck that always has a chance to win.

Impulse – Honorable mentions

There were a lot of flagships that came in around the 5% range.  Nebula, Constitution, Sovereign, K’Vort, Vor’Cha, Galaxy, Intrepid and Crossfield.  These are all great Flagships that, for whatever reason, just haven’t been played as much as the others listed here.  A lot of people are working on coming up with optimal builds of these so don’t be surprised to see them jump in warp value in the coming weeks.


Don’t see your favorite flagship here?  Tell us in the comments below the ones you like and stay tuned for the next Warp Rankings poll.




  1. FlyBoyTopher on August 22, 2018 at 11:22 pm

    Miranda all the way!

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