Warp Level Rankings – 8/29/18

Here are the results from the second week of Warp Rankings

These may or may not be the most popular Flagships in the game as a whole, but they are the ones rated highest by those who voted in our most recent poll.

Warp 5 – NX Class (+0)

The NX remains solidly at the top this week. The NX also remains solidly the most talked about ship on Discord.

Warp 4 – Constitution Class Refit (+1)

The Connie refit started to assert some of its prior dominance this week according to our voters. Whether or not it can regain the top spot and topple the NX next week remains to be seen.

Warp 3 – Negh’Var Battlecruiser (-1)

The Negh’Var continues to be powerful this week but drops one spot to Warp 3 just slightly edged out by the Constitution Refit.

Warp 2 – Miranda Class (+0)

Miranda solidly holds the Warp 2 spot, but also increased its total votes and percentage of the vote this past week. Will the trend continue and more of this ship is seen this week?

Warp 1 – Constitution Class (NA)

The standard Connie bumps the Defiant from the top 5 this week.

Impulse – Honorable mentions

Nebula, Crossfield, Galaxy, Intrepid, and K’t’inga.

Don’t see your favorite flagship here?  Tell us in the comments below the ones you like and stay tuned for the next Warp Rankings poll.

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