Card List Filtering

Did you know that there are some advanced text filtering options in the Deck editing screen?

For example, if you type attack:3 stars:2+ you will get all the cards that have 3 attack and 2 or more stars in your collection.  If you type missing is:klingon legendary you will get all the klingon legendary cards that you do not have in your collection yet.

IMPORTANT: Once you start using the filters, they override all the other Deck Editor toggles and dropdowns and even the Replicator button. So you can either use these text filters or use all the other controls.

The full list of filters that can be used now:

  • Numeric Values
    • attack:
    • health:
    • energy:
    • stars:
    • (Note: These require the use of the colon “:”)
  • Rarities
    • basic
    • common
    • rare
    • epic
    • legendary
  • Filters for Ownership
    • missing – cards that you do not have yet
    • evolved – cards with all the stars on the card collected
    • owned – cards that you have right now
    • new – cards that you have just acquired
    • extra – cards with 2 or more stars (the same as saying stars:2+)
  • Filters that start with is: can be used to search for cards that belong to a certain faction: is:klingon, is:federation, is:neutral Or for card types: is:ship, is:crew. The reason for introducing is: – making sure that you can use faction names and card types in simple searches for card names and descriptions.


** Currently these options do not work on mobile.

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