Chekov vs. Worf

Battle of the Beatdown

  • Both focus on offense
  • Both can help deal significant burst damage

Which is the better card?

The turn either Pavel Chekov or Worf come into play they are capable of dealing 7 damage to the opponent’s flagship.

Both of these Federation crew have 3 total stat points.  Worf’s base stats are definitely geared more toward’s offense.  On turn one Worf adds 3 to the ship and then an additional 4 if attacking the flagship (7 total) when Chekov is doing 3 directly to the flagship, adding 1 to the ship he’s on and then adding an additional 3 to the flagship (7 total).  However on turn two Chekov drops to just the 1 he adds plus the additional 3 for 4 total, while Worf continues to have the potential to deal his same 7 damage.  This makes Worf better after the initial deployment.

Chekov does have a few advantages.  His deploy cost is one less so he can enter the fray sooner.  In addition, part of his burst damage is done directly to the flagship which could be used to get around guardians.  Having either of these crew members on a ship in play generally makes that ship a target so often any turns beyond the burst turn are negated by their ship having been destroyed.

Worf does gain a slight bump on the theme deck side.  He can of course be used for both The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine where he can pair up with Troi and Jadzia respectively.  Chekov is unfortunately only the original series until PMG releases an Alameda expansion with loads of “nuclear wessels”.


  • Burst Damage = Slight Edge Chekov
  • Hairline = Advantage Chekov
  • Better with the Ladies = Advantage Worf


  1. neptuneandmars on September 10, 2018 at 6:22 pm

    Was Worf actually better with the ladies? Both of his mates – Kehy’ler and Jadzia – met with violent ends. And Chekov is seen with a string of romantic attachments across TOS.

    I know this has no bearing on which card is better, but I’d actually give Chekov that round.

    • ObiWein on September 10, 2018 at 6:34 pm

      Don’t forget Troi. We figured that puts him over the top.

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