D’Kyr vs. D’Kyr vs. D’Kyr

Vulcan D’Kyr Showdown

  • All are Vulcan vessels.
  • All can be used in any deck.

Which is the better card?

Just on the stat side we’ve got 6 for 5/4, 5 for 3/5 and 6 for 5/5.  That works out as stat to cost ratios of 1.50, 1.60, and 1.67.  This makes the Battlecruiser not only the biggest D’Kyr point for point but also the most cost effective.  The odd one out here is the 5 cost Destroyer, but all of these are mid to late game deployments anyway due to cost so the one point savings likely doesn’t matter too much.

Two of these ships help clear the board, but in slightly different ways.  The Battlecruiser is going to do its two damage to two different random ships, so if you like hitting multiple targets and dealing with the randomization then that’s the way to go.  The Destroyer does just what its name implies allowing for a specific small power ship to be targeted and taken out.

The D’Kyr Class is the most defensive of the three.  Outside of Legendary cards, this is the single largest Restore Hit Points effect that is tied to a deploy action.  Five points is 1/6 of a flagship’s starting health.  Having and being able to play two of these in a game means your opponent has to take down a flagship 33% larger than normal.


  • Biggest = Edge D’Kyr Battlecruiser
  • Fastest = Edge D’Kyr Destroyer
  • Defensive = Edge D’Kyr Class
  • Logical Deck Choice = Draw
  • Getting Dabo Table to figure a 3 way Vs card graphic template = Advantage Dark Herald Mage

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