First Take: Romulan Flagships Part 1

A spoiler has been posted for the first three Romulan flagships.  If you have not seen them yet, head over to the official site to take a look at the specific abilities.

First Takes…

Romulan Bird of Prey

Special abilities that put ships into play are always good.  How can getting a ship for zero energy cost be bad?  However, it is the Ultimate that could be more intriguing.  This flagship has the potential of being the largest burst damage in the game.  Imagine a Romulan card similar to Data which instead of neutralizing all enemy ships, instead Disables them.  The Ultimate then deals 12 damage to the enemy flagship (double the Negh’var), then draw 3 core cards which could to additional damage, plus there is always attacking.

Obviously not knowing any core cards makes it hard to judge, however this flagship seems like it could be the optimal aggro setup for the Romulans.

D’Deridex Warbird

Of the three, this may be the least exciting.  There will of course be ways to disable enemy ships coming in the new expansion.  However, for the two extra damage will it really be worth whatever that cost would be?  The Ultimate potentially is an amazing way to clear the board, but only if everything is Disabled already which may not be terribly easy.  Using the same Data-esque type card that could disable all enemy ships, it does not seem that dealing 4 damage to all of those ships would actually be better than dealing 12 damage to the enemy flagship.

Again, not knowing core cards makes it a bit difficult to judge.  Of the three, this one seems like it may need to rely on other cards the most to really have a sense of what it will do.

Scimitar Class

The Scimitar is the one in this first preview that does not mention Disable.  Not every Klingon flagship deals with Overkill and Stealth, so nice to see that Romulans won’t be entirely one dimensional either.  Both abilities on this help clear the board.  The Ultimate seems like an easier way to deal 4 damage to all enemy ships vs. what we see in the D’Deridex as you are only reliant on the ships being in play and not also disabled.

Initially this looks to be very control oriented.

Final Thoughts

Without knowing anything about card for core, ships, and crew coming in the Romulan Invasion expansion, all of the above is just opinion based on existing flagships from Federation and Klingon along with some speculation.

The best part about this is that we are starting to get glimpses of the upcoming set and can see that PMG is hard at work producing more content for all of us.

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