Legendary Card Rankings – Neutral Ships


Any card that generates another ship, whether on Deploy or Core Breach, will generally have some use.  The stats for the Kreechta are OK, but not amazing for an 8 energy investment, so it comes down to how good the Stolen USS Stargazer is.  The Stargazer is a 2/4 with Core Breach, deal 2 damage to all enemy ships.  This is a great effect, but the problem is, you have little control over when it has an effect on the game.  First they have to kill the Kreechta, then there is at least 1 turn before you can try to take out the Stargazer.  If it had guardian it would be much better, but as is, it’s not consistent enough.

Lore’s Borg Type 3

This card feels like it should be much better than it is in practice.  The effect is very powerful and it is rather big at 7/7.  It has the same effect as Data, which costs 4 energy, but you get a 7/7 body with it.  The 8 energy is a lot to invest for an effect, while very powerful at the right time, that is somewhat situational.  On the plus side, it’s never a dead card since it is 7/7 but do you play it as a 7/7 or hold it for the effect?  I would use it as a 7/7 ship, and if the effect hits anything then that’s a bonus.  If it is just a 7/7 ship, it’s hard to justify taking a legendary slot for it.  The fact that it is so big basically nullifies the effect because you can’t sit on it until it’s useful.


Species 8472 Bioship

The Bioship doesn’t see a ton of play, which mostly comes down to its cost to stats ratio. 6 energy for 6 total stats is really low.  The Deploy effect is great, but the jamming is mostly irrelevant since it’s so easy to remove before it ever attacks.  There are more efficient ways to deal damage on deploy.

Borg Tactical Cube

This is a good comparison to Lore’s ship.  Both are 7/7 for 8 energy, but the Borg Tactical Cube doesn’t require you wait for a certain situation to maximize its usefulness.  You can just play it on 8 energy and be happy.  I give it 3 stars because it’s effect, while good, isn’t going to win any games.  It’s a good card, but not top tier.


5 energy for a 5/5 is a good  stat ratio and the ability is broad enough to be useful in general without requiring specific targets.  The Kumari doesn’t have any downside necessarily.  It’s more that its upsides aren’t always going to have a big impact on the board.  It’s a good card that you will surely run across and can have applications in the right deck.  It’s just not top tier.


Borg Cube

If you are paying 10 energy for something it better be amazing.  The Borg Cube definitely has that potential.  most ships are 4 attack or less, so if you steal a 5 cost 4/5 guardian you are paying 10 energy for 10/13 worth of stats, and a MASSIVE tempo swing.  It’s expensive, so it may not always fit into every deck, but it’s so good that even some of the fastest NX decks will play it.  I think the only thing keeping this from being 5 stars, and absolutely OP is that it costs 10 energy.

Augment Bird of Prey

This is a tremendous finisher card in any aggressive deck.  6 attack with Haste and Overkill for only 5 energy is great for getting through a guardian and even getting a few points onto the opponent’s flagship.  It’s not something that is going to stick around on the board for more than a turn, but 1 turn is sometimes all it takes.  If you are playing any kind of aggressive deck, this should be in there.


Val Jean

If we didn’t mark this one as a 5 star then Holly would be crazy mad at us.

Seriously though, the Val Jean is probably the most played neutral legendary ship hands down.  It would still be good if it was 1/1 or cost 5 energy, that’s how good it is.  Giant guardian with modulating shields, no problem. The only downside that even comes close to putting a nick in the hull of this ship is that when there are multiple guardians on the opponent’s side of the board, you can only get one of them, and you don’t get to choose which one.  That is generally pretty easy to play around though.  I assume every opponent has this in their deck.  They don’t always, but enough do that I feel better safe than sorry.  It hurts pretty bad to play an Enterprise-E and they respond with a Val Jean.


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