Legendary Ship Voting Results (September 2018)

The results of the first Legendary Ship voting poll are in with over 100 votes cast.

Warp 7 – Val Jean 71.43%

Certainly helps being Neutral and having a very powerful Deploy ability.  Val Jean ranked the highest when we ranked the Neutral Legendary ships ourselves and it is no surprise to find it topping the list in a poll across the current factions.  (@DrGillianT, Hope this is some nice news while you are off traveling.)

Warp 6 – Borg Cube 60.71%

Did not expect this to score so many votes due to the cost.

Warp 5 – USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E 53.57%

Makes sense in a Star Trek themed game to have at least one ship named Enterprise near the top of any polling.

Warp 4 – Augmented Bird of Prey 42.86%

Really nice efficiency with haste added on as well, plus being Neutral makes this a great boost to many decks.

Warp 3 – USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D 39.29%

Did we say it was nice to have one ship named Enterprise in the top of the polling?  Meant to say two.

Warp 2 – Kronos One 25.00%

Klingons almost cracked the top 5.

Warp 1 – Borg Tactical Cube 21.43%

Not surprising in the current Federation heavy meta game to see a second Borg ship in the top of the polls before seeing a second Klingon ship.

Impulse – IKS Chang and IKS Duras both with 14.29%

It’s difficult to pick between these two when building a Klingon deck.  Fitting that they would round out the bunch of top vote getters with a tie score.  I sense a potential future Vs. article on these.


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