Montgomery Scott vs Paul Stamets

Battle of the Miracle Workers

  • Both allow for a boost to Auxiliary Power.
  • Both log more scenes off the bridge than on it.

Which is the better card?

Scotty cost the additional one point of energy to put into play for a +1/+1 bonus on just the stat level.  For the stats on their own this makes him a little over costed compared to Stamets if you look at one cost cards like Grebnedlog (1/2) and Balok (2/1) for comparison purposes.

Scotty can however immediately allow for a flagship’s special ability to be used even if at zero points.  Stamets only gets a flagship halfway to triggering the ability.  Digging a little deeper, how often is a turn started at zero Auxiliary Power?  Five points are gained at the end of a turn at a minimum.  Playing Stamets would generally mean being at a 15 point base having ended a turn at zero.  Given that there are not too many ways currently for an opponent to steal or reduce your Auxiliary Power it is relatively easy mid to late game to have a few points to spare and roll over some Energy to Auxiliary.

Stamets is also given Haste.  This certainly fits in with the flavor of Discovery’s spore drive traveling capability and Stamet’s role in the show.  It also makes him very powerful in recursion decks such as the current Miranda setups.  Miranda can summon a ship with its special ability, play Stamets and retreat the ship immediately gaining the effect from the ship’s retreat plus cycling Stamets back into the deck to use again later on.  Scotty just cannot match that level of playing efficiency even if his single turn burst capability is higher.

This decision ultimately could come down to figuring out how valuable the Haste ability is worth?  At least in the current meta, the energy costs of these two cards could be reversed and Stamets would likely still see a higher play rate.


  • Stats = Edge Stamets
  • Burst = Edge Scotty
  • Efficiency = Advantage Stamets
  • Accent = Advantage Scotty

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