Plain and Simple

“I knew Brutus was going to kill Caesar in the first act; but Caesar didn’t figure it out until the knife was in his back.” ~ Elim Garak

Garak, simply one of the most loved characters in all of the Star Trek universe, is also one of the most beloved cards in all of Star Trek Adversaries. Being a versatile, neutral card, he is a great pick as a first legendary for new players with a place in almost any deck regardless of faction. Also, you can’t beat his cost….of ZERO energy. He removes a ship from play for at least a turn and most importantly rids you of those pesky crew that keep returning either through retreat or, even worse, core breach.

He does have some downsides though; some of which are easily forgotten about. Remember that you are not retreating the enemy ship (and thereby making it lost forever) but you are instead returning it to your opponent’s hand. One must be careful of using Garak against a ship that has either haste or a nice effect on deploy as it will no doubt be played again immediately and other than “losing” the crew you’ve completely lost out on the benefit. Along those lines, and for the love of the prophets, don’t ever…EVER use him on a Borg Cube while you have another ship with four or less attack. That’s just asking for trouble.

He also becomes quite the target for fear of him being retreated and found again by you. Whenever possible, you’ll want to play him on a ship you are willing and able to retreat in the same turn.

For the moment, I’m not even advocating him as being a definite pick. His largest weakness is against haste decks and those are rather popular right now. However, he is consistently above average, easily used, and neutral in faction. Plus, it’s Garak! For those of us that at times want to make decks of our favorite characters and the meta be damned, he certainly is a definite pick!

Now to recap:

  • Pros:
    • 0 Cost
    • “Loses” crew
    • Removes a ship in your way, albeit for just a turn
    • Neutral faction card that can be used by both Klingons, Federation, and soon Romulans alike
  • Cons:
    • Situational
    • Can be tough to use against a haste deck
  • When NOT to use Garak:
    • When the ship has a strong effect on deploy
    • Against ships with haste
    • When you can’t afford to lose him
  • When to use Garak:
    • Any member of the Duras family
    • Michael Burnham
    • Opponent has low-cost ships with both crew slots filled
    • Anytime you want to pay homage to the character and/or the amazing Andrew Robinson

PS If you love Garak as much as I, you should read A Stitch in Time. It’s basically a biography of Garak written by Andrew Robinson himself….and it’s one of my all-time favorite books!


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