Spock vs. Seven of Nine

Battle of the Stoics

  • Both gain card advantage
  • Both have a random aspect to them
  • Both could use some help in the sense of humor department

Which is the better card?

Strictly in the stat department, Seven has this won easily since both are 4 cost, and her 3 total points is more than Spock’s 2 total.  The big distinction comes down to their abilities.  Both of these Federation crew have the interesting ability of gaining card advantage by drawing an extra card at the end of your turn.  However they do so in a dramatically different manner.

Spock is able to draw a random card from your Flagship’s core cards.  Given that it is your deck, with your flagship choice, the card gained should in theory be useful to you.  Seven of Nine is still adding a card, but instead adding something from your opponent’s deck which may or may not be of any use at all during that matchup (of course barring a mirror match against the same flagship).

Usefulness aside, just on the statistical level, Spock has the card drawing locked down as well.  If we look at Legendary cards available in a flagship’s core card set, there are 2 out of 8 which is 25% chance to produce a Legendary just based on number of cards available.  Seven of Nine has the odds of a Legendary at 6 out of 30 (assuming your opponent is playing with a full 6 Legendary cards) which is 20%.  Note that the actual chances to draw a card are not based strictly on card count and are weighted with rarities, but the chances to draw a Legendary are still very likely in Spock’s favor.  Spock also has the advantage to exceed the core legendary limits on a per game basis allowing at least for the possibility of drawing the same one multiple times.


  • Stats = Edge Seven of Nine
  • Ability Usefulness = Advantage Spock
  • Ears and Dramatic Hairline= Advantage Spock
  • Fun Commencing = Advantage Seven of Nine


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