When is it good to concede a game?

In the past week I have been on both ends of a game concession prior to the lethal damage being dealt.  I have found a match to be beyond winning and hit the concede button myself, and have had my opponent do the same.

Scenario 1

When I made the decision to do so I was playing NX against Miranda.  For the beginning part of the match it was close, with the NX side doing a significant amount of face damage.  The Miranda side started to stabilize, eventually played Tom Paris and started the cycle of retreating and eventually life gain with Phlox that seemed to put the match out of reach from the NX side.  The Miranda player was not doing much actual damage and it looked like it may just be the goal to run my NX deck out of cards and win by fatigue damage.  I decided to concede in this scenario, and similar instances have been echoed by others on Discord.

This is not a rant about the Miranda and retreat.  Simply using it as an example of what looked to be a situation that was not winnable and looked to be time consuming in reaching a conclusion that was disappointing from my end.  Cut the losses, save some time and move on.

Scenario 2

The second scenario was NX vs. Negh’var.  We are both at say 10 health and I had 6 to swing with on the board. However it’s their turn.  They can swing for like 7 on board so I assumed they were holding something else for the final 3 points to do lethal damage and so used the emote “Well fought.”  My opponent then conceded to me.  I was not winning on the next turn (depending of course on what card was drawn).  They would have been able to swing for 7, and would have then had special the following turn when their auxiliary was over 20 giving them at least another 3 points they would need for the win.  As the Negh’var player why not take the chance I can’t do the lethal on my turn and take another turn win?  I won that game that very likely I should not have (baring whatever I would have drawn being able to potentially do the extra 4 points).


In the first scenario finding out the outcome, when expecting a bad result, would take at least a handful of turns times two minutes potentially per turn to find out.  In the second instance the Negh’var player would have needed to wait only through a single turn.

There are absolutely instances where surrender is a good option.  Save the time.  Start a new match with a hope of a better outcome.

However, don’t jump to conclusions.  A game is never actually over until lethal damage is actually dealt.  If it only takes a moment to find out then it could be worth taking.  Don’t assume that based on the board setup that your opponent has the lethal damage.  It’s often in your best interest to make your opponent prove they can win, because sometimes they cannot.

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