Tilt is a poker term for a state of mental or emotional confusion or frustration in which a player adopts a less than optimal strategy, usually resulting in the player becoming over aggressive.

I found myself sitting around rank 80 yesterday afternoon.  Being a Sunday there was a good reason with the weekly rewards to try to take a run at top 50 and potentially top 25 as I have attained both ranks in past weeks.  Figured a few decent wins and I’d have a score that might hold up and gain me a few extra packs for the week.

Primarily I have been a Raptor Class player.  I find the agro-control style to fit me the best overall.  The problem is that in the current meta game environment, Raptor does not do well.  The worst matchups are against the very aggressive decks (NX Class and Negh’Var mainly) and at least against the current Miranda builds there are issues.

  • Match 1
    • NX Class opponent that has the Dilithium Upgrade and Mile O’Brien to open up big.  I can’t recover and it’s a quick loss.
  • Match 2
    • NX Class, different opponent.  Longer game, certainly by NX standards but I finally stabilize at 5 health and cannot hang on against all the haste ships flying towards my flagship.
  • Match 3
    • Negh’Var takes me down quickly.
  • Match 4
    • Defiant deck that I nearly pull off a win against.  This is generally a 50/50 matchup for my Raptor setup, however the replicating mines put me about a turn away from a win.
  • Match 5
    • Miranda.  30 minutes later is another loss.
  • Match 6
    • I queue immediately and get the same Miranda player.  Another long loss.
  • Match 7
    • Another Miranda, another loss.
  • Etc.

I continued to queue up for more matches quicker and quicker.  I could not hit the buttons fast enough to get into a match.  The losses piled up and while there were wins sprinkled in they did not stem the frustration.  The more frustrated I got the worse I was playing, making simple mistakes.  Not playing a D5 Taker before sending a Klingon Arms Freighter on a kamikaze run to take out a ship which then prevents using the flagship abilities that turn as just one example.

Does tilting exist in Star Trek Adversaries?

Based on my experience tilting does exist in Star Trek Adversaries the same as it would in poker.  Sure I played against a ton of Miranda decks which are a generally bad matchup for Raptor, but primarily frustration led to poor play which compounded and led to more frustration.  Eventually I was getting loses in matchups where I should be getting wins.

Yes, tilt does exist in CCGs and certainly in Star Trek Adversaries.


Minimizing tilt should be considered an essential part of playing well.  A clear head allows for better decisions especially when faced with a two minute timer.

One common suggestion from the poker world for fighting tilt is to disregard the outcomes of specific hand and chalk them up to so called “bad beats”.  This easily translates to Star Trek Adversaries.  Opponent just top decked the one card that could beat you; bad beat.  Facing the worst matchup for your flagship; bad beat.

If you should start to become frustrated and the tilting has begun, take a break.  Don’t queue up right away.  Maybe play a game or two in Quark’s instead, get a couple wins and get the mojo going back in a positive direction.


Tilting does exist in Star Trek Adversaries.  I’ve experienced it first hand and seen enough complaints in Discord chat to know that others probably have as well. Just try to remember that this is a game.  Take a break between matches.  Walk around, check email, read articles on Dabo Table, etc.  Get the mojo back, and give it another go.

Let us know what you do to prevent yourself from going on tilt or what you do when it happens in the comments below.

And always remember to have fun.

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  1. nmykita on September 10, 2018 at 5:48 pm

    Good advice all around!

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