Warp Rankings – 9/29/18

Here are the results from week 6 of Warp Rankings.

These may or may not be the most popular Flagships in the game as a whole, but they are the ones rated highest by those who voted in our most recent poll.

Warp 5 – NX Class (+0)

Should we increase the top spot to Warp 6, and just leave NX there all the time?

Warp 4 – Miranda Class (+0)

Miranda closed the gap a tiny bit this week.  Still a pretty distant second.

Warp 3,2,1 – Multiple

Not a single additional ship was really even close in the voting this week.  Many honorable mentions to the Connie Refit, Intrepid, Galaxy, and Negh’var.


Don’t see your favorite flagship here?  Tell us in the comments below the ones you like and stay tuned for the next Warp Rankings poll.


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