Warp Rankings – 9/5/18

Here are the results from week 3 of Warp Rankings

These may or may not be the most popular Flagships in the game as a whole, but they are the ones rated highest by those who voted in our most recent poll.

Warp 5 – NX Class (+0)

The NX remains solidly at the top for the third week in a row.  Which comes first, nerfs or the Romulan Invasion?

Warp 4 – Miranda Class (+2)

The Miranda moves up two notches this week potentially because more player have used Latinum and Replication to gain access to Tom Paris.

Warp 3 – Negh’Var Battlecruiser (+0)

The Negh’Var holds onto its spot at warp 3 this week and shows that some people do indeed respect the Klingon Empire.

Warp 2 – Constitution Class Refit (NA)

The Connie Refit is back in the top 5 this week after taking a break at a star base.  Is it’s return due to a favorable matchup with other top ships like the NX?

Warp 1 – Intrepid (NA)

Embracing the retreat mechanic sends the Intrepid into the top 5 for the first time.


Don’t see your favorite flagship here?  Tell us in the comments below the ones you like and stay tuned for the next Warp Rankings poll.


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