IKS Chang vs. IKS Duras

Battle of the Birds

  • Both are 4 energy cost Birds of Prey
  • Both have 4 attack
  • Both have cloaking devices plus other abilities

Which is the better card?

On the stat level the IKS Chang is better at first glance because of the extra hit point.  From there it gets a bit cloudy.  Taking a point of damage the IKS Duras goes up to 6/1 and when attacking from stealth the IKS Chang gets a bonus up to 8/3.  Recursion aspect of the Duras aside, the IKS Change wins the stat battle.

However, recursion does need to be factored in.  The Core Breach effect that returns the IKS Duras to your hand makes it incredibly hard to get rid of.  Especially late in a game, it can attack and take out a ship with 4 hit points and just be replayed again.  Next turn, repeat.  It becomes a 4/2 missile running into stuff every turn.  Of course there are cards that can deal with it such as Rom, Data, etc. but using one of those on the Duras just means the recursion has stopped and leaves the 4/2 ship on the board.  Borg Cube is a reliable method to deal with the Duras but due to the high cost of the cube the IKS Duras can be on and off the board a few times wreacking havoc first.

The IKS Chang has its advantages as well.  There are not many ships that can attack for 8 damage period and no other ship can attack for as much from stealth on its own.  This ship hits hard.  One shot from stealth to the face is over 26% of the damage needed to take out your opponent.  Add to that the ability to cloak again from either the Sarcophagus flagship’s abilities or the Ultimate from the Bird of Prey DSC flagship and the attack power of the IKS Chang can over only a few turns be quite devastating.


  • Stats = Edge IKS Chang
  • Game Tricks = Advantage IKS Duras
  • Going Face = Advantage IKS Chang
  • Pirates = Major Advantage IKS Chang





  1. huntersorce20 on October 3, 2018 at 7:28 am

    There’s no real comparison, duras sucks. its understatted, overcosted, its bloodthirst ability doesn’t come into play 99.9% of the time, and games don’t last long enough to allow for playing it more than once. Even in quarks arena, which heavily favors control decks, I’d still rather have the chang than the duras every time.

    • ObiWein on October 3, 2018 at 7:58 am

      Definitely agree that the Bloodthirst does not come into play much if at all. The biggest advantage that IKS Duras has is the return to hand piece. That doesn’t necessarily make it better, but it can be better in some situations.

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