Quark’s Guide to the Borg

While we’re all waiting for the Romulan Invasion to hit, a lot of players are spending some time grinding out some extra packs in Quark’s Arena.  Some of the Borg enemies are very difficult so how do we build a deck that can consistently get us that free pack?  Here we’ll take a look at what each Borg excels in, what Flagships typically perform well, and what cards are generally good against them.

Some general comments first.  All of the Borg enemies play with Lore, so you have to be very careful about playing ships with 7 or more attack.  That makes 6 attack very powerful.  I will take every Andorian Battle Cruiser that is offered to me.  It’s, by far, the best non-legendary ship for Quark’s, in my opinion.  This goes for all of the Borg enemies.  Also, Flagships like NX are really bad since the Borg have so much heath.  You’ll never burst them down like in a Ranked game.  You generally want to stick to more mid-range or control flagships.  Overall, I find the Intrepid to be the best Flagship for Quarks.  It’s an auto-lose against Lore, but is very solid against the other 4.  It can utilize a lot of modulating shields, can keep a lot of ships on the board and can give you great tempo with the extra energy from retreating.  Don’t waste your time with it against Lore though.  Just concede those matches and hope you don’t see him too often.

Borg Queen

Until the introduction of Lore the Borg Queen was by far the hardest enemy to prepare for and to defeat.   Now it is a toss up between her and Lore.  Her ability puts a Borg Sphere into play, which is incredibly powerful and hard to deal with.  To make matters worse, her core cards include ships that deal 2 or 3 damage to any target on deploy and have haste.  This can make it very hard to keep any ships on the board for any length of time.

Important cards against the Queen are guardians, ships with more than 4 Hit Points and cards that can deal 2 damage, either targeted or randomly.  Most of the Queens ships have 2 Hit Points so they are easy targets for cards the Gorn.  Also, if you can have a ship that can survive her ability turn with some HP left then you can start to build up a decent board.  You can’t let these games drag on forever or she will just grind you out with her constant haste ships.

I have the best luck with Federation Flags since they have access to so many more high health guardians.  Sovereign works well with it’s ship healing ability.  Galaxy can also perform well since it can put a lot of ships on the board and can make guardians easily, if you need them.


Locutus is very strong, but not as intimidating as the Borg Queen is.  The good thing about all the AI enemies, for the most part, is that they are reliable in the sense that if they have 20 AUX they will use the ability.  If they have 40 AUX they will use the ULT.  Locutus’s ability deals 3 damage to 2 random ships.  This is easier to play around since you can, to some extent, control how your board looks on turns that he has 20 AUX.  The frustrating part of Lucutus is that his core cards all gain life so if feels like every step forward you take he pushes you back 2 steps.  His deck is not incredibly overpowered so it is possible to just control the board and fatigue him out.  That is very time consuming though.

High health ships are obviously very good against Locutus.  Anything over 3 HP of course.  Modulating shields are also great.  Klingons are especially bad against him since his ability can go through cloaking devices.


Hugh is probably the easiest of the Borg enemies.  His abilities give all his ships +1/+1 or +3/+3.  The AI is stupid, so he will use that even if he has no ships in play, and sometimes use the ability and then play ships.  If you can beat the other Borg then you can beat him.  Just control his board and you’ll win.

Just play whatever and beat him.  All you have to do is play smart and not let him get crazy with his ability.

Seven of Nine

Seven can be very frustrating because you will, often times, only get to use your ability once per game.  She constantly has guardians out and her core cards are full of powerful haste ships.  The main thing is you can’t rely on your core cards to do anything, which means you lose a ton of card advantage.  These games can drag on quite a bit and eventually grind you out.

The important thing against Seven of Nine is to make sure you have cards in your deck that can give you card advantage since you won’t get it from your abilities.  Anything that draws you a card is good, or any kind of AOE where you can get some value from your deck cards.


Lore sucks.  He is very hard to play around and depending on what Flagship I am using I will often times just concede the game when it starts to not waste my time.

The Flagship that has given me the most success against Lore is the Vor’Cha.  You can deal with his ships using your ability and core cards.  You also have the option to steal his AUX which is great.  With some careful playing and some forethought, you can keep most of your ships cloaked on his ability turns so he steals nothing.  Then beat up on him for a turn or 2 and recloak.  He is beatable, but it’s hard.  Crew cards that add to attack are very good also.  If you can get a ship to 6 attack then Lore can’t deal with it easily.  With Lore in mind I will try to take a lot of 4 attack or higher ships that I can buff to 6 attack with crew.  This is also easier to do with Klingons.


The Devs did a good job of making each Borg fill the weakness of the other ones.  A deck built to beat Lore might get killed by Locutus.  That makes it hard to build one deck that can beat them all.  My advice is to try to build your deck so it can beat 3 of them as easy as possible, and have at least a decent shot at one of the other 2.  I don’t mind an auto loss to Lore if I can have a reasonable chance to beat the other 4.

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  1. Fenalin on October 22, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    Excellent article yet again, Veers. I always enjoy your submissions. Great addition to the community.

    I don’t remember battling you in game yet, but I look forward to it! 🙂

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