Romulan Kirk Contest

Take your crack at guessing what you think the new Romulan Kirk will do as part of the Romulan Invasion and you could win 1600 Latinum!*  Enough to buy your very own Romulan Kirk, no matter the rarity.

The winner will be decided by the following criteria:

  • Rarity – 1 point
  • Faction – 1 point
  • Attack, HP & Cost – 3 points each
  • Card text – 4 points

Dabo table staff will grade the card text submissions and assign points based on final accuracy.  No more than 5 entries per in game screen name and if there are more, only the most recent 5 will be used as valid entries.

This contest will run until either the Romulan Invasion arrives, or the real card is released by PMG.

*Dabo table staff and PMG employees are prohibited from winning




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