Romulans – What we know so far…

Romulan Invasion is coming “soon”.  We don’t know exactly when of course and we don’t have all of the details.

Here is what we do know:

  • Official expansion trailer was released at Star Trek Las Vegas
  • First official spoilers were back on 8/7/18
  • Second art preview was on 8/11/18
  • Expansion pushed back to October announced on 9/5/18
    • PMG-Spacemunky
      One small announcement is that we will be officially releasing the expansion in October, but we will be opening up the test server to a select group of players based on pvp rankings in September. We apologize for the delay, but some of the content takes longer to get approved (like Crew images )than others.
    • PMG-Spacemunky
      One thing that should be coming very soon is a revamped look for the missions, and achievements!
    • The beta date has been assumed to have been pushed back due to calendar roll over from Sept to Oct.
  • 3 new flagships were previewed on 9/7/18
    • Official Post –
    • Dabo Table Coverage –
    • PMG-Spacemunky
      Hi all. I knew the post with foster some discussion. Let me try to address as much of this at once as possible.
      “Why bring back Disable?” – The primary issue with Disable previously was that its potential was locked behind the core cards from the Defiant. This made Disable on its own useless when not paired with the Defiant, and therefore something we didn’t add to a lot of cards. Now that we have a Faction that uses Disable liberally, we can fully explore more control gameplay using Disable. To answer specifically the claim that disable won’t work because it requires a setup. We have some very interesting combos designed to work with Disable this time around that will make that setup well worth the effort.
      “Aggro is too good, I want more control!” – This is the general theme of the Romulan expansion. Control will be coming back in a big way thanks to the Romulan meta, as well as additions to the other factions.
      “Brining back Disable is lazy, I want more interesting mechanics!” – Point taken, but I assure you laziness was not driving factor in bringing back Disable. The overwhelming feedback on STA so far has been that it is too difficult to learn. Point blank. We want to be a game that has the highest threshold for player skill and emergent gameplay, but while we are young as a game, we cannot afford to completely dive head first into more complexity while our core audience is still growing, and the learning curve is still an issue. The Romulan Expansion is design be do the following.
      1. Shake up the meta, add balance, and add more variety to core set of cards.
      2. Bring more of the Star Trek characters and ships into the game. People really love their Romulans, and they want them now!
      3. Add additional game modes…..more info coming later this month.
      @Silverstar We are also working on your idea to introduce a base set of Legendary cards for all Factions. These should be added with the expansion as well.
  • Standard packs will include Romulan expansion cards.  (Confirmed multiple times in Discord)

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