Election Day Update

Various things have been going on…


The end of October came and went.  The update from PMG is that there is no update currently.  We know that the development team is hard at work and when an update can be shared with the community it will be.

Can also pass along that there is (at least to the knowledge of Dabo Table) no insider information known by either this site or other Council members.  Some have reached out to Dabo Table directly via Discord to see if we know anything other than the public information.  We do not.  It is not for lack of trying as we’ve offered to sign NDA’s and act as an unpaid arm of PMG for the purposes of expansion spoilers.  Baring that avenue, when Dabo Table knows more, we will certainly attempt to share.

General Updates

It has been a little hard to keep the updates rolling.  Without new cards, or players trying new strategies and card combos it becomes difficult to find new topics to write about and share.  Do not worry, we are still here and discussing near daily on things that we can present to the rest of the community.


One of the biggest topics that continues in Discord is the state of the meta game.  Is it stale?  Is NX too dominant?

Recently Zhugebob made a run into the top 10 (Rank 2 at one point) playing a Crossfield deck.  The interesting thing with this is that it is neither an NX deck or a Retreat Miranda deck.

There has also been some recent discussion about Sovereign as well.

I will personally admit to playing NX a ton in recent weeks.  Aggro to me is fun to play and NX is a great example of it.  My setup is not undefeated by a long shot.  I’ve done well with NX and have not been camping a top spot because I honestly enjoy playing.  However, I am happy to see that there could be a meta game shift even without the introduction of new cards.

Could the shift be a cycle?  Maybe.  Crossfield could do well against NX.  Perhaps the retreat decks return to deal with Crossfield.  Then NX makes a comeback to deal with the slower retreat decks.  This is actually a healthy rock-paper-scissors meta.

Election Day

Non-game related side note for those players in the United States.  Today being Election Day, please go vote.  Does not matter your views or your voting district.  It is important to be heard and be counted.

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