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Plain and Simple

“I knew Brutus was going to kill Caesar in the first act; but Caesar didn’t figure it out until the knife was in his back.” ~ Elim Garak Garak, simply one of the most loved characters in all of the Star Trek universe, is also one of the most beloved cards in all of Star Trek Adversaries.…

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Legendary Card Rankings – Federation Crew

FEDERATION LEGENDARY CREW RANKINGS First, I just want to say that these are my opinions solely on this tier list and I am often suddenly surprised when someone brings out a legendary you don’t see often.  I spelled out a little of my thought process for each, but I’m anxious to hear from people who…

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We’ll Always Have Paris

When I first started playing Star Trek Adversaries, I knew right away that I wanted to play Intrepid. Being brand new, this was not because I knew anything about how awesome it was, but simply because I’ll always have a soft spot for Voyager.  However, that’s another story for another time. After playing for a bit,…

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