This is meant to be a resource for new players to have a guide and answer any rules questions that may not be clear in-game.

Deck Building

Standard Rules

  • Deck size: 30 Cards, exactly.
  • Legendary Crew: 3 Max and only 1 of any specific character.
  • Legendary Ships: 3 Max and only 1 of any specific ship.
  • Per card limits:
    • Crew
      • 1 of any specific crew, regardless of rarity.
    • Ships
      • 1 of any ship of rarity Rare or greater.
      • 2 of any ship of rarity Common or Basic.
  • You can quickly clear a deck by going to import and clicking import on a blank deck list.
  • Special Notes
    • Stars
      • Opening from packs or replicating multiples of the same card does not impact your deck building at all.  If you open one of a card which could have two used, then you can immediately use two.  The multiple stars on a card are expected to be used in future gameplay for set missions against AI opponents.
      • Per Constable Odo:
        • “What do the stars mean? I’m glad you asked. Each star corresponds to a card’s rarity: Basic, Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. What does filling in the stars do? Another good question! Each version of a card you get fills in a star, and when they’re all filled in this gives the card a unique foil effect, some animation for you to admire on top of the existing stunning detail. 🙂 If you receive any more after the stars are filled in, they are auto-scrapped into latinum which is represented by golden swirls in the Pack Opener when the card flips over to be revealed. If you aren’t interested in the foil effect, you can scrap any extras beyond the base card and get latinum for the extras. In the future you may see boosted stats on fully evolved cards in PvE matches, but PvP will remain the same for everyone. Sounds like it’s time to open some packs and find those Legendaries! :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
    • Crew
      • There is no right number of crew to have in a deck.  Most players seem to use between 6-9 crew cards.
    • Legendary Limits
      • There are specific cards in the game that allow the breaking of normal deck rules while the game is being played.  For example, Quark allows 2 random Legendary cards to be added to you hand and those cards could be duplicates of ones already in your deck or even cards that are in another faction and could not possibly be in your deck.

Quark’s Arena

  • Effectively there are no limitations on what can be used in Quark’s.  You are only limited by the choices which are presented to you and what you select from them.

Core Cards

  • These are preset cards specific to each flagship which help determine a play style for that flagship.
  • Each flagship has 8 unique cards.
    • 2 Common, 2 Rare, 2 Epic, and 2 Legendary.
  • This type of card can never be put directly into your deck and can be found in game after using your flagship’s special abilities.
    • SP will show 3 card options for which one can be selected to put into your hand.
    • ULT will automatically give you 3 cards randomly from your flagship’s possibilities.
    • Core card rarity will determine what the 3 choices are for SP or the total 3 with ULT.  Each of the two Legendary core cards will only be seen one time per game due to the flagship’s abilities.
  • Core cards cannot be found in any type of pack.
  • Other Methods
    • Spock is a Federation Legendary character whose ability allows core cards from your flagship to be added to your hand.  This allows the normal limits of seeing a legendary core card only once per game to be broken, as Spock could potentially draw multiples of them.

Game Play

Auxiliary Power Generation

  • 5 at the end of each of your turns.
  • 1 point per damage you take.

Energy Generation

  • +1 max per turn.
    • 1 on turn 1, 2 on turn 2, etc.
  • Any unspent Energy is converted to Auxiliary Power at the end of your turn.
  • Any energy gained on your opponent’s turn is not carried over and is not converted to Aux power.

Max Hand Size

  • You may have 10 cards in your hand at any time.
  • If you draw past that then the “oldest” or left-most card in your hand is shuffled back into your deck.  The cards are not “burnt”.


If you hover over a card and bring up the detailed view, you will see a description of any basic abilities, like Core Breach for example.


  • A ship can be retreated by pulling back to the retreat section on screen, or if forced to do so from another card
  • When retreated you gain the energy back into your pool that you spent on that ship.  If the cost of a ship was reduced before you played it then you will receive the reduced cost back.
  • Any crew that are on a retreated ship are shuffled back into your deck.  The retreated ship itself is removed from the game.
  • A ship may retreat on its own accord only in a turn when it may attack, however the ship can be forced to retreat, either by another card or Flagship ability, regardless of when that ship was played.


  • A ship or crew that has a targeted ability (e.g. Deploy: Give target friendly ship +1/+1) may only target another ship.  They cannot target themselves with the +1/+1.  If the effect does not specify friendly or enemy targets, then you can target any ship.


  • If a ship is neutralized than any crew on that ship are also neutralized.  If a neutralized crew is retreated, then it will be returned back to original status, when drawn again.

Other Abilities

Core Breach

  • This effect is triggered when the ship with Core Breach is destroyed.  Retreating does not trigger a Core Breach.  If a crew adds a Core Breach effect, then it is considered to be an ability of that ship while the crew is present.  So, if a card says “Target ship gains All Core Breach effects trigger twice” then the ones added by the crew will also trigger twice.


  • This effect is triggered when an undamaged ship becomes damaged.  If the ship is healed back to full health, and then damaged again, this effect will trigger again.


  • This ship must be attacked before any ship without guardian may be attacked.

Cloaking Device

  • A ship with Cloaking Device comes into play in Stealth mode.  A stealthed ship can not be attacked or targeted, however, an ability that has random targets or effects all targets can still effect a stealthed ship.  If a ship with a Cloaking Device takes no action during a turn, meaning does not attack, then it will return to stealth mode.


  • A ship with Jamming will not take return damage when attacking another ship.  Jamming does not effect when the ship is being attacked, on defense.


  • A ship with Haste may take an action the turn it is played such as attacking or retreating.

Modulating Shields

  • A ship with Modulating Shields ignores the first damage put on it, either from an attack or from an ability.  When this damage is ignored, the Shield is removed from that ship.


  • If a ship has a Commander ability, then you may play a crew card in the commander slot, which is the blue side, in order to activate the commander ability.  If you play a crew in the Engineering side, the commander ability will not trigger.

Overkill (formerly called Trample)

  • A ship with Trample will deal damage in excess of the ship it is attacking to the enemy Flagship.  This only effects an attacking ship. (e.g. A ship with Trample and 5 attack, attacks a ship with 1 health.  The ship takes 1 point of damage, and the extra 4 is done to the Flagship).

Discord Slang

There are a variety of non-game specific terms that can be confusing to new players.

Please see our glossary of slang here: