Discord Slang

The following slang terms can often be seen in the Star Trek Adversaries Discord.

  • Aggro = Aggressive style deck that try to deal as much damage as quickly as possible
  • Connie = Constitution
  • Control = Generally slower style decks that try to maintain a favorable position on the board
  • Lego = Legendary
  • Meta = Short for Metagame; Refers to the basic state of the game at a given time and what the hot decks are at that moment
  • OTK = One Turn Kill; Bringing your opponent from 30 to 0 in a single turn
  • Rep = Replicator
  • Tokens = In game currencies both Latinum and Command Points

Something missing from this list?  Let us know.

For official in game terms please refer to the Basics page here:  https://dabotable.com/basics/